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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A group of Temple University students is speaking about their frightening ordeal early Friday morning when two masked men entered their off-campus apartment, armed with a gun & robbed them.

There were 11 students inside at the time of the robbery. 6 female residents, 3 of their boyfriends & 2 female friends were sleeping over.

"I think the sad part is, we all talked in the room, we all realized once they came into the room, everyone was kind of like 'oh, it's our time now,'" 1 student said.

They said they were woken up by a knock at the door.

Out front were the 2 masked suspects, at least 1 had a gun.

1 of the roommates let the 2 men in the apartment thinking they were young men who probably knew someone inside.

"We were all just woken up. There was a guy with a gun. He came into a couple of our rooms. He made 1 of us go & wake up the rest of the roommates with the guy with the gun," a second student said.

However, the students soon figured out the men were not in the right location.

The suspects kept asking the students, "Where are the drugs? Where are the drugs?"

The suspects were apparently told this was a home they would be able to find drugs & money. But that was not the case.

The armed robbers proceeded to lock all 11 students in the basement.

"We were all kept in the same room together for over an hour they were there," the second student said.

All the victims were unharmed but shaken as they were forced to hand over their cell phones, debit cards along with their PIN numbers & car keys.

"You never think it's going to happen to you, but when it does it's like a shock," the second student said.

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CYPRESS, Texas (KTRK) -- A twin brother & sister were taken to the hospital after they escaped their abusive home barefoot on Tuesday morning.

Their mother, Zaikiya Duncan, 40, & her boyfriend, Jova Terrell, 27, are being charged with injury to a child in Harris County. They were taken into custody Tuesday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after fleeing with 5 of her other children.

The 16-year-old twin boy & girl went door-to-door looking for help early in the morning.

It is not known how many doors they knocked on before they ended up at the home of a woman in the next neighborhood at 5:30 a.m.

Her doorbell camera caught the twins asking, "Can you help us?" & showing her their handcuffs.

"When they came inside, they were like, 'We are not here to hurt you,'" the woman recalled. "She was shaking with her handcuffs. She was like, 'We are looking for help. We just need help. We just broke out of our handcuffs. Our mom had us handcuffed in the laundry room.'"

The teens told her they were starving & had not eaten in more than a week. The woman gave them a snack & they ate everything she put in front of them.

The woman, an ICU nurse, photographed the wounds on their body. Their wrists were cut from the handcuffs. She noticed scarring on their wrists.

The twins told her they tried to escape the day before, but their mother caught them & locked them back up.

"Give these abusers life in prison, like murderers, because that's ultimately what it's going to lead to & I bet crime would go down," she said. "Kids would not be abused, because they would be scared to go to prison for life."

Duncan & Terrell are expected to be transported back to Harris County on Thursday.

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Adidas AG said it plans to make up for most lost Yeezy earnings by selling sneakers of the same design stripped of the branding from rapper & former partner Ye.

The German sportswear maker is working through options for selling the sneakers in 2023 & expects to save about $302 million in royalty payments & marketing fees by going it alone.

Adidas shares rose as much as 4%, bouncing back from earlier losses suffered after it lowered a profitability target for the fourth time this year.

Adidas terminated its partnership with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, in late October following years of controversial behavior from the rapper & designer that culminated in a recent string of antisemitic statements.

In ending the arrangement, Adidas absorbed a hit to earnings of up to $250 million for the year. Yeezy has accounted for almost half of Adidas’s total profits.

“Let me be clear, we own all the IP, we own all the designs, we own all the versions and new colorways,” Chief Financial Officer Harm Ohlmeyer told reporters Wednesday. “It’s our product. We do not own the Yeezy name.”

Even if Adidas does manage to sell the Yeezy shoes under its own label, some analysts have expressed doubts that it will be able to replicate 1 thing: the price.

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Source: Bloomberg

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UPPER DARBY, Pa. (AP) — A woman was raped by a stranger on a commuter train in suburban Philadelphia in the presence of other riders who a police official said “should have done something.”

Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt of the Upper Darby Police Department said officers were called to the 69th Street terminal around 10 p.m. Wednesday after the assault on the westbound train on the Market-Frankford Line.

An employee of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority who was in the vicinity as the train went past called police to report that “something wasn’t right” with a woman aboard the train, Bernhardt said.

SEPTA police waiting at the next stop found the woman & arrested a man. The woman was taken to a hospital.

Bernhardt called the victim an “unbelievably strong woman” who provided police with a lot of information. She did not know her attacker.

“She’s on the mend,” Bernhardt said. “Hopefully she will get through this.”

The entire episode was captured on surveillance video that showed other people on the train at the time.

“There was a lot of people, in my opinion, that should have intervened; somebody should have done something,” Bernhardt said. “It speaks to where we are in society; I mean, who would allow something like that to take place? So it’s troubling.”

Fiston Ngoy, 35, has been charged with rape, aggravated indecent assault & related counts, according to Delaware County court records. Bernhardt said he is known to both SEPTA & Upper Darby police.

“There were other people on the train who witnessed this horrific act & it may have been stopped sooner if a rider called 911,” the authority said.

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP/WSVN) — A chance encounter with a former Marine beset by delusions of child sex trafficking ultimately led to the massacre of four members of a Florida family, including a mother holding her baby boy, a sheriff said Thursday.

Bryan Riley, who faces murder and other charges in Sunday’s killings, stopped by the slain family’s Lakeland home briefly the day before after going to a nearby friend’s house to pick up a first aid kit, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said at a news conference.

Riley had told acquaintances he was headed for Hurricane Ida relief work and the friend offered the kit for the purported trip. A short distance away, Riley saw Justice Gleason mowing his lawn with his 11-year-old daughter in the yard, Judd said.

That provided the trigger that led to the slayings, Judd said: Riley saw the girl, believing she was an imaginary child named Amber who was suicidal and being held by a supposed sex trafficking ring that God had told him to confront. In fact, no one named Amber lived at the home and Gleason repeatedly told Riley that before asking him to leave their initial encounter.

“This was all fiction, all made up by him,” Judd said. “There were no victims of sex trafficking in that house.”

Judd provided numerous new details about Sunday’s slayings, including that Riley, wearing body armor, had three weapons with him and fired at least 100 shots in the main home and a smaller one in back where Catherine Delgado, 62, was the first to be killed.

Law enforcement officers fired about 60 shots in a gun battle that left Riley with a gunshot wound to the abdomen that is not life-threatening, Judd said. Riley surrendered after that.

“He was a coward. An absolute coward. He looks like a man, but he’s not a man. He’s a sniveling coward,” Judd told reporters.

The 11-year-old girl survived the attack despite being shot multiple times and has undergone four surgeries so far, Judd said.

She told investigators that her family huddled in a bathroom after Riley shot his way into the home, killed their dog and then attacked everyone hiding there. Riley repeatedly asked about Amber and then counted down — three, two, one — before shooting her and eventually leaving her for dead, she told authorities.

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Judd said the girl played dead and was able to survive despite wounds to her legs, hand and abdomen.

“That’s the reason she’s alive today,” the sheriff said.

The victims are Gleason, 40; his 33-year-old girlfriend, Theresa Lanham; their baby boy, Jody, who was born in May; and Delgado, who was Lanham’s mother and owned the property. They possessed no weapons.

Riley, 33, served as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan and was working as a security guard in the Lakeland area, including at a church. After that recent job, his girlfriend of four years told investigators, Riley began talking about communication with God but not about violence.

“No one has told us they knew anything about violence,” Judd said.

Riley is recovering from his gunshot wound and is being held without bond on murder, attempted murder and other charges. An Oct. 12 arraignment date is set for him to enter a plea. Judd said he has already confessed to the crimes, which could bring the death penalty.

Investigators also have not yet verified Riley’s post-arrest statement to officers that he was high on methamphetamines at the time of the shooting. No evidence of that drug has been found, although Judd said illegal steroids where found at Riley’s home in Brandon and hospital blood tests could reveal more.

“This investigation is not near over. This is going to go on for weeks and weeks and weeks,” the sheriff said. “This mass murder is exceptionally horrible.”

Fox 13 reports that the Polk Sheriff’s Office is collecting donations for the family of the 11-year-old girl. To donate, click here and select “quadruple homicide victims” while making the donation.

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Mixed martial arts rising star "Suga" Sean O'Malley commented critically on transgender fighter Alana McLaughlin's victories over female fighters.

“I don’t think that’s OK,” O’Malley said of McLaughlin's victory during an episode of his podcast. “I just don’t think that’s OK ... In just competing in sports, I mean, especially mixed. It’s like she had testosterone for, who knows, 20 to 30 years of her life and now I’m a girl.”

“You could tell that’s a dude,” O’Malley added. “A jacked girl. I mean, look at those arms.”

McLaughlin, 38, was born male and began transitioning to a female in 2010 after leaving the U.S. Army Special Forces, Outsports.com reported. McLaughlin defeated Celine Provost, a biologically female fighter, earlier this month.

McLaughlin began training in MMA a year ago and was cleared to compete against women by the Florida State Boxing Commission after her hormone levels were approved.

McLaughlin wore a shirt after the fight that read “End Trans Genocide.”

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping also commented on McLaughlin's victory, saying he believes it isn't right for someone born with "the body of the man" to compete in fights against biological females.

“I’m not here to talk about transgender rights, you can identify as whatever you want,” Bisping said, Low Kick MMA reported. “But I do believe that if you’re a woman that feels trapped in a man’s body, there are certain advantages that you should have to give up. If you have the body of a man, competing against girls or women, when you’re using your body to beat someone unconscious, has to be one of those things you sacrifice.”

“If you want to play volleyball, soccer, be my guest. But in a sport that you beat someone into submission or unconsciousness, it shouldn’t be allowed. It’s unfair to women’s MMA.”

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Source: Yahoo News

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(AP) Four people are dead including a mother still cradling her now-deceased baby after a massive gunfight early Sunday with a former Marine a Florida sheriff said was “ready for battle” & so aggressive he tried to wrestle a gun from police from his hospital gurney after being captured.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said 33-year-old Bryan Riley appeared to be suffering from mental health issues & had been slowly unraveling for weeks, repeatedly telling his girlfriend that he could communicate directly with God.

After a gunfight with police & deputies — where dozens “if not hundreds of rounds” were exchanged outside a Lakeland home, Judd said, authorities found an 11-year-old girl shot multiple times, plus four deceased victims. They included a 33-year-old mother still holding her 3-month old baby boy & the infant’s 62-year-old grandmother who lived at a neighboring home & a 40-year-old man.

Riley, who served as a sharp shooter in both Iraq & Afghanistan, seemingly targeted the family at random, Judd said.

Preliminary evidence shows the 40-year-old Justice Gleason just happened to be an unlucky stranger out mowing his lawn Saturday night when Riley drove by, saying God told him to stop because Gleason’s daughter was going to commit suicide.

A second person came to confront Riley, telling him that story wasn’t true & warned they would call police if he didn’t leave, Judd said. Authorities responded to the scene but never found Riley.

About nine hours later, around 4:30 a.m., Riley returned to the home, laying out glowsticks to create a path leading to the house to draw officers “into an ambush,” Judd said.

By chance, a lieutenant far in the distance, heard popping noises & immediately put the agency on active-shooter mode, bringing all state & local law enforcement in the area to the scene.

Following the sounds of gunfire, authorities arrived at the home & found Riley’s white truck ablaze & an unarmed Riley outside, dressed in camouflage.

Riley immediately ran inside, where authorities heard another round of gunfire, “a woman scream & a baby whimper,” Judd said.

Officers tried to enter the front of the house, but it was barricaded. When they circled to the back, they encountered Riley, who appeared to have put on full body armor including head and knee coverings & a bulletproof vest.

Authorities exchanged heavy gunfire, before Riley retreated back into the home, according to the sheriff.

Everything fell silent, Judd said, until a helicopter unit alerted authorities on the ground that Riley was coming out. He had been shot once & was ready to surrender.

Meanwhile, officers heard cries for help inside the home, but were unsure whether there were additional shooters & feared the home was booby-trapped. A brave sergeant rushed in & grabbed an 11-year-old girl who had been shot at least seven times.

She told deputies there were three dead people inside, Judd said, adding that she was rushed into surgery & was expected to survive.

Deputies sent robots into the home to check for explosives & other traps. When it was clear, they found the unidentified mother & baby, Gleason & the family dog all dead from gunshot wounds. The baby’s grandmother was also found dead in a home out back. Authorities did not say if or how Gleason was related to the other people in the home.

“They begged for their lives & I killed them anyway,” Judd said Riley told them during an interrogation, adding Riley was playing mind games during the interviews with detectives.

Authorities declined to say how many times the victims had been shot or where they were in the home, but said they were all hiding & huddling in fear.

Authorities said Riley’s girlfriend of four years, who he also lived with, had been cooperative and was shocked, saying he was never violent but suffered from PTSD & had become increasingly erratic.

She said he’d spent the previous week on what he called a mission from God, stockpiling supplies that he said were for Hurricane Ida victims, including $1,000 worth of cigars.

“Prior to this morning, this guy was a war hero. He fought for his country in Afghanistan & Iraq,” said Judd. “And this morning he’s a cold-blooded killer.”

Riley, who had no criminal history, also told authorities he was on methamphetamines. His vehicle had also been stocked with supplies for a gunfight, authorities said, including bleeding control kits.

While being treated at the hospital, Riley jumped up & tried to grab an officer’s gun. “They had to fight with him again in the emergency room,” Grady said, before he was ultimately tied down & medicated.

He is expected to recover and will be transferred to jail to face charges.

“The big question that all of us has is, ‘Why?’” State Attorney Brian Haas said. “We will not know today or maybe ever.”

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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is vowing to avenge the deaths of 13 American troops and dozens of Afghans in attacks at the Kabul airport that thrust the White House deeper into crisis over a chaotic and deadly end to a 20-year war. Retribution, however, will be harder with fewer U.S. intelligence assets in Afghanistan.

In an emotional address after the attacks, Biden declared to the extremists responsible: “We will hunt you down and make you pay.”

The president, speaking from the White House Thursday, said the U.S.-led evacuation of Americans and others from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan would proceed, and indeed more than 12,000 people were airlifted from Kabul in the last 24 hours, as of Friday morning. U.S. military officials have said they are braced for more attempted attacks by the group Biden said was responsible for Thursday’s attack — the Islamic State group’s Afghanistan affiliate.

The Pentagon on Friday said it had incorrectly reported that in addition to a suicide bomber attack at the airport’s Abbey Gate, there was an explosion at the nearby Baron Hotel. Maj. Gen. Hank Taylor of the Pentagon’s Joint Staff told reporters that it is now believed there was no attack at the hotel. He said that the U.S. military report was incorrect; he attributed the mistake to confusion in the aftermath of the violence.

The IS affiliate in Afghanistan has carried out many attacks on civilian targets in the country in recent years. It is more radical than the Taliban, who seized power less than two weeks ago and are an enemy of IS. The most heralded American attack on IS came in April 2017 when the U.S. dropped the largest conventional bomb in its arsenal on an IS cave and tunnel complex. The group more recently is believed to have concentrated in urban areas, which could complicate U.S. efforts to target them without harming civilians.

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Two police officers in Colorado were arrested Tuesday after disturbing video showed one of them using his gun to repeatedly hit an unarmed man on his head, choke him, and threaten to shoot him, as the man bled from his head and pleaded for his life.

The other officer was accused of failing to stop her colleague from using excessive force.

"You're killing me, bro!" Kyle Vinson, 29, cried out multiple times after Aurora police officer John Haubert pistol-whipped him several times while trying to place him in custody following a trespassing call on Friday afternoon.

The graphic video showed streaks of blood running down Vinson's head while he gasped for air and cried that he couldn't breathe, as Haubert yelled, "If you move, I will shoot you."

"Don't hurt me," Vinson pleaded with the officers. "Don't shoot me, bro."

Haubert, 39, was arrested on charges of attempted first degree assault, second degree assault, felony menacing, official oppression, and first degree official misconduct.

The three-year veteran of the Aurora police department has been put on administrative leave without pay pending an expedited internal affairs investigation.

Officer Francine Martinez, a six-year veteran, was arrested on misdemeanor charges of failing to intervene and report use of force by a police officer, as is required by a police accountability bill that was passed after George Floyd's murder last summer. She has been put on administrative leave with pay. Both officers have bonded out of jail, authorities said.

The Aurora police department released body camera footage of the incident Tuesday with police chief Vanessa Wilson criticizing the two officers for what she called a "very despicable act."

"We're disgusted, we're angry," Wilson said a press conference Tuesday. "This is not police work. We don't train this... this was a criminal act," she said.

Wilson apologized to Vinson, calling him the victim of a "horrific" act. She said that when she saw the body camera footage she welled up with tears and anger.

"This video will shock your conscience," the chief said. "It's very disturbing."

The two officers responded to a call for trespassing on Friday when they encountered three men, all of whom had outstanding arrest warrants. When two of the men fled the area, Haubert immediately pointed his gun at Vinson who remained sitting on the ground and did not resist.

The video shows Haubert and Martinez attempting to arrest Vinson, who repeatedly yells that he did not have a warrant and didn't know why he was being put into handcuffs.

"We don't believe he knew that he actually had an existing warrant," Wilson said at the press conference. Vinson had allegedly failed to submit urine tests, did not complete treatment for court-ordered domestic violence counseling, and failed to report to probation meetings, the AP reported.

The two officers order Vinson to roll onto his stomach with his face pressed to the ground while Haubert keeps his gun pressed against Vinson's head, the video shows.

"You guys have the wrong guy," Vinson is heard telling the officers.

"Help, help," he shouts out before Haubert begins hitting his head with a gun during the struggle.

After other officers arrive at the scene, Vinson is heard begging for water.

"I was just fighting for my life, man," he is heard saying. "You guys beat me up."

"I was going to shoot him but I didn't know if I had a round in it or not," Haubert told a sergeant after the incident, according to court documents obtained by the Associated Press.

Authorities said Vinson had several large welts and an abrasion on his head that required six stitches.

The Aurora police chief called for peace in the city and urged the community not to paint the police department with a "broad brush."

The department has a history of excessive force allegations, most notably for the in-custody death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain in August 2019.

McClain, a Black man, died after officers placed him in a chokehold and injected him with ketamine while arresting him for acting "suspicious" during his walk home from a grocery store.

Last August, Aurora police officers apologized for holding a Black family at gunpoint and handcuffing them facedown on a hot concrete parking lot after mistaking their car for a stolen vehicle.

During Tuesday's press conference, Wilson attempted to reassure the community that her department was focused on reform and training and that officers would be fired "if this is how they police."

"This was an anomaly," she said. "And I'm just thankful Mr. Vinson is alive."

Source: Yahoo

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Video After The Jump

The Black teen who was mounted by a white cop in Texas has evacuated her home - along with the rest of her family - following death threats over the viral video.

18-year-old Nekia Trigg is the woman in the troubling video & her mother, Antanique Ray, & a few other family members have left their Forney, TX home ... fearing retaliation from local citizens & even law enforcement ... according to Nekia's attorney, Kim T. Cole.

We're told Antanique got arrested for an alleged altercation with cops as they escorted Nekia away in cuffs, but the day after she & the family packed their bags & went to an undisclosed location.

As for why the family fears law enforcement will retaliate ... we're told they have a general fear of the Kaufman County Sheriff's deputies after prior experiences close family friends have had with them.

We're told Nekia, who just graduated from HS, is worried about her mother facing jail time & fears she may have no place to live if Antanique has to serve time behind bars.

Cole says a slew of the death threats were made via social media, including direct messages telling the family they got what they deserved during the incident with police. Cole advised the family to lay off social media while everything unfolds -- she's expecting the threats to increase.

Cole says she plans to file a civil rights lawsuit on Nekia's behalf against Kaufman County & Deputy Conner Martin ... who literally straddled her and held her arms down above her head as she screamed saying she couldn't breathe.

Cops say they'd gotten reports Nekia was walking in front of cars, attempting to harm herself ... but the family refutes that.

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Source: TMZ

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TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman is behind bars after posting on a local police department’s Facebook page about warrants for her arrest.

Each week, the Tulsa Police Department makes a Facebook post about their ‘Most Wanted’ fugitive of the week.

On Wednesday, authorities posted that Lorraine Graves was wanted in connection to the murder of Eric Graves.

Eric Graves was shot and killed at the St. Thomas Square Apartments earlier this year.

Detectives arrested Jayden Hopson and Gabriel Hopson for the murder, but they were still searching for Lorraine Graves, who was charged with accessory to murder.

After making the Facebook post, Graves responded by commenting, “What’s where’s the reward money at,” on the post.

On Thursday afternoon, detectives arrested Graves in north Tulsa near 36th St. N. and Garrison Ave.

Her bond has been set at $500,000.

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TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Acting as his own lawyer, a double-murder defendant opened his death penalty trial by shouting at jurors that he did not attack his girlfriend and disabled daughter. Now he’s cross-examined his son, forcing the 11-year-old to describe exactly how he hurt him.

Ronnie Oneal III claimed in a dramatic opening statement that the evidence would reveal “some of the most vicious, lying, fabricating, fictitious government you ever seen.”

Gesturing and pacing, Oneal shouted at one point during Monday’s opening: “I look alone. But I am backed by a mighty God.”

He claimed the girlfriend, Kenyatta Barron, attacked their two children and that he killed her in self-defense. The killings happened March 18, 2018, in their home in Tampa’s Riverview area.

Assistant State Attorney Scott Harmon countered that prosecutors would prove Oneal wounded Barron with a shotgun, then beat her to death. Harmon also said Oneal used a hatchet to kill his 9-year-old daughter — who had cerebral palsy and could not speak — and wounded his son, then 8, with a knife.

Investigators say Oneal also set the house on fire after the attacks. The son survived and testified Wednesday by remote video that he saw his father kill his sister with the hatchet and recalled his mother being shot.

During cross-examination, Oneal asked his son “Did I hurt you that night?” The boy responded, “Yes.”

“How did I hurt you?” Oneal asked.

“You stabbed me,” his son replied. He also described how his father set fire to the house using gasoline.

Investigators say the wounded boy came out of the burning house and described what had happened.

“The first words that came out of this brave boy’s mouth: ‘My daddy killed my mommy,’” Harmon told jurors.

Jurors also heard a 911 call from Barron in which she desperately sought help as Oneal yelled in the background.

“OK, Ronnie, I’m sorry,” she says on the recording. “I’m so sorry. Help me. I can’t move my arm. My arm is shot up, Ronnie. Please.”

Oneal contended that investigators fabricated evidence to implicate him and that his son was coached on what to say.

“The evidence is going to show that I love my children,” Oneal told jurors. “The evidence will not show you that my son witnessed me beat his mom to death, nor did he witness me shoot his mom. In fact, he didn’t witness much at all.”

The trial is expected to last through the end of next week. Oneal could get the death penalty if convicted.

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Video After The Jump

Body camera footage from a California traffic stop shows a woman harassing a deputy and telling him that he’ll “never be white” and repeatedly calls him a “murderer.”

In the video, which was posted on Twitter Monday, a woman is heard telling a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy during a traffic stop: “You’re always going to be a Mexican. You’ll never be white, you know that right? You’ll never be white, which is what you really want to be.”

The comments were made after the deputy pulled over the woman for apparently using her phone while driving, Newsweek reported.

The officer can be seen approaching the car and saying, “I pulled you over because...” before the woman cuts him off, saying “because you’re a murderer.”

Another deputy then arrives and after the woman signs the citation, she tells the deputy, “Here you go Mexican racist,” as she returns his pen.

Source: Sacramento Bee

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The Hudson County corrections officer charged in the shooting deaths of his girlfriend & her best friend in Newark confessed the killings to a police officer before he was arrested.

John Menendez, 23, of West New York, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths Tuesday night of his girlfriend Anna Shpilberg & her best friend Luiza Shinkarevskaya, both 40 & Morris County residents. The women were found fatally shot in the head in different parts of Newark. They had just returned home from a trip & Menendez picked them up at Newark airport.

Shpilberg was found dead in the passenger seat of her car near Bruen Street & Edison Place near Newark Penn Station. Menendez, who had blood on him, walked up to a city police officer sitting in his patrol car near the scene, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

“I killed both of them. Just arrest me, bro,” Menendez allegedly told the officer. When the officer read Menendez his rights & handcuffed him, the suspect made further admissions, according to the affidavit.

“This is crazy. I can’t believe I did this,” Menendez told the officer.

In a recorded interview, Menendez told detectives he was angry that Shpilberg had gone on vacation without him, according to the affidavit.

“Both women had just been on vacation & Menendez said that Anna had been ignoring his calls,” police wrote in court records. “He said he lost it & killed them.”

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Source: NJ.com

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"I know y'all scared and sh*t, but let's just make the fight happen for the fans. Let's just do that. Don't overprice yourselves. If y'all believe y'all the best and y'all think that y'all can take this, then let's make the fight happen! Man, don't be p***y about it!"

That's 23-year-old boxing champ Teofimo Lopez throwing down the gauntlet to rivals Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney ... 3 of the sport's youngest, most-talented stars.

TMZ Sports talked to the undefeated, lightweight champ about his next move ... as he plots his return just months after dethroning pound-for-pound king, Vasyl Lomachenko.

"Our goal is to shoot for three fights this year whether it's my mandatory [boxer George Kambosos], Garcia, Haney, Tank Davis, those guys at 135 lbs., that's where our goal is."

22-year-old Garcia (21-0, 18 KO's) beat Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell Saturday night ... and then demanded a fight with 26-year-old Davis (21-0, 20 KO's), telling us he'll knock out Tank inside 2 rounds.

Why isn't anyone calling out Lopez?? Teo says it's fear.

"It's because they're scared! It's really what it comes down to. They're scared."

Unbeaten Tank Davis, scared?

"Yeah, he is [scared]. He is. He's not scared of the opposition he's facing right now because it's light work. I mean he knocked out a 122 pounder [Leo Santa Cruz]. C'mon yo! I can do the same sh*t and I can do it better, in a better fashion," Teofimo says.

"But hey, I take my hat off to [Davis], he's doing his thing and I congratulate all of them. Haney, Garcia, Tank. But, when it comes to it man, I'm the king of the division. I'm the kingpin!"

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Here's the straight poop -- an Oklahoma woman really had to go number two when she got pulled over by a cop, an excuse that resulted in a high-speed chase and her in handcuffs ... and we've got the raw vid.

28-year-old Emily Owings led an Enid PD officer on a wild ride last week after he stopped her for not wearing a seatbelt, and immediately got a laundry list of excuses once he realized she had other legal troubles that might've required he bring her in.

By that, we mean she told him it was her birthday, but much more urgently ... she claimed she had to take a dump, and BAD. The cop wasn't buying it though, and did what he needed to do ... namely, check to see if there were outstanding warrants.

Turns out, Enid PD says there was ... not to mention her license was suspended. When the officer informed her of all this, Ms. Owing started bawling and pleading with the guy ... again telling him she had to drop one. It's sad ... but so funny too.

Anyway, when they finally tell her she is, in fact, wanted in another county and they gotta take her into custody -- the lady speeds off, before eventually being stopped and arrested. As they're hauling her off, she once again asks to defecate ... in the cop's car, no less.

She was booked on charges ranging from eluding to reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia and other offenses. As for whether she ended up making it to the can ... Enid PD says she told the arresting officer and jailer who searched her ... the feeling had passed.

Source: TMZ

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A South Carolina police chief was stabbed in the face by a man who told him that he was “going to die today” when he answered the door, authorities said.

Bonneau Police Chief Franco Fuda said he heard a knock at the door Monday and went out to meet the suspect, who was later identified as Forrest Bowman, news station WCIV reported.

Fuda said Bowman told him he was “going to die today” and stabbed him under his left eye with an ice pick, leaving him covered in blood, the outlet reported.

The assailant took off for his mobile home and refused to come out in a standoff with authorities, news station WCSC reported, citing authorities.

Berkeley County deputies sent a scout robot into his trailer before making entry to arrest Bowman, who was naked and screaming, authorities said.

A judge denied bond Tuesday night for Bowman, who faces charges that include attempted murder for an assault, the outlets reported.

Source: Fox News

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Much of David W. Nagy’s obituary, which ran in his local paper in Jefferson on July 30, recounted his painful death from the novel coronavirus at age 79 and named his surviving family members. But midway down, the tone shifted to offer a pointed message for President Trump and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

“Family members believe David’s death was needless,” his wife, Stacey Nagy, wrote. “They blame his death and the deaths of all the other innocent people, on Trump, Abbott and all the politicians who did not take this pandemic seriously and were more concerned with their popularity and votes than lives.”

Stacey also scolded people who don’t wear masks, describing them in the obituary as “ignorant, self centered and selfish people” who ignore medical professionals and instead believe that “their ‘right’ not to wear a mask was more important than killing innocent people.”

As coronavirus cases keep climbing and some states have been slow to implement mask orders, Nagy said she felt compelled to use her husband’s final message to push for change. Then it went viral. Pictures of the obituary, which isn’t online, have been shared thousands of times on Twitter and Facebook.

“I was angry at the situation and the way people are talking and treating the pandemic, the way people act like this is nothing,” Stacey, 72, said in an interview with The Washington Post. “It’s because of their carelessness, and because of our politicians not getting control of this thing is why so many people are dying. I was just very, very angry. That’s why I wrote it and I meant everything I said in it.”

Over 156,000 people have died from coronavirus in the US. David died in late July in a Texas ICU, his body ravaged by the virus. His family wasn't allowed by his side, Nagy wrote.

"Dave did everything he was supposed to do, but you did not," Nagy wrote. "Shame on all of you, and may karma find you all!"

Source: Tyler Morning Telegraph

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas – A Texas hospital says a patient who was a healthy young man died from coronavirus after attending a “COVID” party.

The unidentified 30-year-old man died at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, according to the hospital’s top doctor, Jane Appleby.

“This is a party held by somebody diagnosed with the COVID virus, and the thought is people get together to see if the virus is real and if anyone gets infected,” Appleby said, NBC 4 San Antonio reported Friday.

“Just before the person died they looked at the nurse and they said, ‘I think I made a mistake. I thought it was a hoax but it’s not,” she said, according to the station.

“This is just one example of an avoidable death in a young member of our community,” she said. “I can’t imagine the loss of the family.”

Appleby said the hospital is treating other COVID-19 patients in their 20s and 30s who are “severely ill,” the station reported.

Earlier this month reports out of Tuscaloosa in Alabama quoted government officials as saying college students there were holding COVID parties with cash prizes being offered. Attendees put money in a pot that was awarded to the person who became infected first.

Source: Fox6Now

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Surgeon General Jerome Adams urges minorities who are at higher risk for coronavirus to avoid drugs and alcohol. If they don't want to do it for themselves, do it "for your abuela, do it for your grandaddy, do it for your Big Mama, do it for your pop pop."

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