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Demi Moore pictured above, is just one of many celebrities who have gotten so comfortable with Twitter they will post pretty much anything about themselves. Call me nuts, but I really don't care to see celebs toothless, without makeup and showing off their zits Check Out More Pics Below Of Celebs Sharing TMI .

Spencer Pratt



Bethenny Frankel showing off her zit/welt

Bethenny Frankel

Courtney Love with a turtle on her head

Jimmy Fallon

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Lindsay Lohan

Katy Perry

Adrianne Curry

Julianne Hough

Nia Vardalos

Al Roker And World's Tallest Man

Jordin Sparks and John Mayer

Aubrey O'Day

Lindsay Lohan


Kim Kardashian

Lindsay Lohan Pics Courtesy Of NY Daily News
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AllHipHop Reports Rapper 50 Cent addressed recent comments made by rapper Jay-Z during a radio interview on the BBC last week. Jay-Z defended rapper Kanye West in an interview conducted by DJ Trevor Nelson’s BBC radio show last week. Jay-Z became irritated when Nelson suggested that West would not have stormed the stage at the 2009 VMA’s, had 50 Cent been an accepting an award instead of country singer Taylor Swift. “It wasn't 50 Cent [who made the comments],” 50 told Angie Martinez. “Hip-Hop has cool punk and Jay is the coolest punk in Hip-Hop. He’s big. And his take on it is [he’s] bigger than the art form and he won’t actually and compete. Battling has been a part of the culture.” “I think he would have done that if that was 50 Cent," Jay-Z also told Nelson. "No one is scared of 50 Cent. I want everyone to be clear. No one is scared of 50 Cent." Although 50 Cent went on to say that he did not have any problems with Jay-Z, he firmly stated that no one would storm his stage if put in the same situation. “When he [Jay-Z] has to say no one is scared of 50 Cent, it’s because the public is responding to his punk presentation,” 50 Cent said. “Kanye wouldn’t take the trophy from me and neither would Jay-Z.” The rapper took numerous shots at Kanye West during the interview, implying that Chicago emcee could be homosexual, due to his association with Lady GaGa’s upcoming “Fame Kills Tours.”

50 also revealed that Shady Records boss Eminem is not happy with the track “Forever,” which features Drake, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. “I don’t think Em knew everyone was going to be on the record,” 50 Cent said. “Initially I think he just did a verse with it. He mixed his records and then they remixed it. I don’t think he’s happy with that at all.” 50 Cent is currently preparing for his upcoming Thisis50 Festival, which takes place October 3 at The Beach on Governors Island. The rapper said he will debut new music from his upcoming album Before I Self Destruct during the festival this weekend.
Read more… Reports The original mad rappers, Onyx, are back, and they're not happy about Damon Dash's 'Blak Roc' collaboration album with The Black Keys. In a recent interview on Angela Yee and Leah Rose's Lip Service radio show on Shade 45, the baldhead rappers discussed yelled about Dash's project, which features notable MC's like Ludacris, Jim Jones, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch and more. "N----s is biting the whole f---in' movement," explained a ticked off Fredro Starr. "The 'Black Rock' s---, we been rocking with that. Now I'm hearing other n----s coming out with it...I ain't sayin' no f---in' names. You know what it is man, holla at me n----, 100 mad n----s with guns n----, stop playing games with me!" While Dash's 'Blak Roc' project was only recently announced, Onyx have been talking about their forthcoming studio album, 'Black Rock' since 2008. "Black Rock is a hybrid album -- rock influenced with hip-hop underneath it," Fredro said at the time. "It's us repping for the rebels of the world, the rebels of the street who Onyx represents. It's a where hip-hop meets the mosh pit." Dame's collaboration with the Black Keys is scheduled for a Nov. 27 release, unless Sticky Fingaz has something to say about it. "Onyx is putting out a 'Black Rock' project, and that's it! And anybody else, tryna put putting out a black rock project, you biting!" blustered Sticky, who then proceeded to threaten to put "trademarks around your f-----' eyes" and "do to y'all n----s like the f---in' candyman, come find y'all n-----s one at a f---in' time!"

As for approaching Dame about the similarity of their projects, Onyx isn't interested in such acts of diplomacy. "It ain't about who put it out first, it's about who getting punched in they f---in' eye first," Sticky Fingaz concluded. Check The Lip Service Interview Here Additional Source
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AllHipHop Reports Rapper Bump J was sentenced to 10 years in prison Tuesday (Sept. 29) after admitting to guilt in a 2007 local bank robbery in August. The artist, real name Terrence Boykin, received the minimum sentence for both charges, according to Chicago Hip-Hop blog Fake Shore Drive. The Chicago native will serve seven years for an illegal gun and 37 months for the bank robbery. The jail terms will be served consecutively, and the rapper will also get credit for the time he has already served in jail. In November 2008, the former Atlantic Recordsartist was arrested during a routine traffic stop in Carbondale, Illinois, about two hours east of St. Louis, Missouri. He was charged as one of two gunmen suspected of robbing a Chicago Chase Bank on January 4, 2007. The robbery, during which no one was injured, was captured on a surveillance camera. At the end of his sentence Bump J will be eligible for placement in a halfway house.
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AllHipHop Reports Hip-Hop will be represented during the Nobel Peace Prize Concert this year in Oslo, Norway. Rapper/actor Will Smith will host The Nobel Peace Prize Concert this year with his wife and actress, Jada Pinkett Smith, while Wyclef Jean will be one of the feature performers. “The opportunity to recognise the laureate’s contributions to the world peace movement will be an awe-inspiring experience - we are both humbled and honoured to take part in the Nobel Peace Prize Concert this year,” The Smiths said in a joint statement released to media today (September 29). The Nobel Peace Prize Concert will take place December 10 in Oslo. Other performers include Toby Keith, Donna Summer, Luis Fonsi and Amadou and Mariam. According to reports, US President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy were among the record 205 nominees this year. The Peace Prize was created by dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel.
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Ballerstatus Reports Sizzurp is a mixture prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and soda. Although, the concoction originated in the south, rappers like Dipset and Lil Wayne have popularized it across the nation. The drink, or drank as it's also referred to, has gotten so big in the south that two different beverage companies are trying to capitalize on its popularity with newly released beverages -- one called "Drank" and the other labeled "Sippin' Syrup." Both drinks labels themselves as "anti-energy" drinks that provide "extreme relaxation." However, the ingredients are not harmful. They contain Melatonin, a natural substance that helps you sleep; and Valerian Root, which is used medicinally for insomnia and other disorders. On the official website for Drank (, it says: "The first EXTREME RELAXATION drink to hit the market. DRANK, the new drink design to calm and relax you." According to local news station KBMT12, stores in Southeast Texas have started to stock their shelves with them, and local law enforcement and parents are concerned, calling both products a gateway to using other harmful and illegal substances. "It is such an obvious gateway product to one of the most dangerous drugs in our area," Major Jim Singletary who works in the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, told the new channel. "We got enough problems with kids experimenting with the real thing," he added, "now the younger kids will be able to buy something like this until they can buy the real thing." Parents seem to agree with Singletary. Johnny Davison, who has four kids, says he is making sure his children stay away from the drink. "You hear it all the time on the rap tapes," he said. "If kids see it they're going to think it's something good." They just may have a point too. 18-year-old Jackie Robinson told the news station that he just started drink "Sippin' Syrup" just because of its name. "I ain't gonna lie it really do," Robinson said, as he sipped his drink. "It probably attracts a lot of people from the name too. "To put sippin syrup they're going to make some money," he added.
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Mafia princess Victoria Gotti is preparing to release a sensational new tell-all about her mafia family -- and she says the decision to release the book was prompted by her brother John "Junior" Gotti's current racketeering trial. Victoria Gotti, daughter of the late mob kingpin John Gotti, told CBS's 48 Hours Mystery that she "loved the man....loathed the life." The interview will air Saturday at 10 p.m. and exerpts of the book, "This Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti," will be published in the New York Post beginning Sunday.The memoir dishes on her parents' abusive childhoods and her father's notorious career in organized crime. She also writes candidly about her traumatizing marriage to a mobster her father warned her against and her father's death in prison, the Post said.Victoria concedes her father was head of the Gambino crime family, the nation's most powerful mob syndicate. But, when she was asked if he ordered the assassination of his predecessor, Paul Castellano, she said: "Absolutely not."She also acknowledges that her father may have played a role in the death of a Queens neighbor who accidentally killed her 12-year-old brother, Frank in 1980.The neighbor, John Favara, was driving near the Gottis' home in Howard Beach when Frank, Gotti's youngest son, darted into the street on a motorized bicycle, and was struck by Favara's car. Police found Favara was not to blame in the accident and no charges were filed.Victoria admits she asked her father to extract revenge, the Post reports."You're supposed to be a tough guy. How can you let somebody kill my brother?" Victoria recalled asking her father. "And he just looked at me and he said, 'It was an accident.' "Favara met an ominous end. According the FBI, serveral witnesses saw him be shoved into a van by several men about three months after Frank's death. Favara's body has never been found.Victori Gotti says she believes her brother has gotten out of organized crime, as he has maintained in recent years.She said her brother went against his father's wishes by pleading guilty in 1999 to racketeering charges as a way to say he wanted out of the mob. Junior was released from prison in 2005."Father was dead set against it . . . and he said, 'Tell your brother, I will never tell him how to live his life. Tell him I will support whatever he does," Victoria said.Source: NBCLA.
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After getting clowned by 50 Cent in a new diss video where Fif is seen in the hospital, suffering from "noise poisoning" after listening to "J.O.S.E. 2", Fat Joe fires back via his Twitter. Tell 50 to get off my D*CK already he was sick that my album is SO HOT that real music not that wack sh*t him and his clowns are making!! about 17 hours ago from TweetGenius

At this point Joey Crack needs to just concentrate on making good music and not worry about 50 because "J.O.S.E. 2" is his worst album to date in my opinion.
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Tracklist: 01. Cannonball Intro 02. Lust For Life 03. Going In For Life 04. What I’m Thinking Right Now 05. Successful (Feat. Trey Songz) 06. Give Ya (Feat. Trey Songz) 07. Share 08. Special (Feat. Voyce) 09. Don’t U Have A Man (Feat. Dwele And Little Brother) 10. A Night Off (Feat. Lloyd) 11. Houstatlantavegas 12. Closer (Feat. Andreena Mill) 13. Sooner Than Later 14. Deceiving 15. Say What’s Real 16. Still Fly Freestyle 17. Best I Ever Had (J. Khan Remix) 18. Think Good Thoughts (Feat. Little Brother) 19. Uptown (Feat. Bun B And Lil’ Wayne) Download Here 20. Replacement Girl (Feat. Trey Songz) 21. Fear 22. Killers Outro
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Lloyd Banks Readies Double-Disc V5 Mixtape

Lloyd Banks is back on the mixtape scene with a full two CDs at once — V5 is coming soon. "V5 — this is my second double-disc this year," Banks said at his squad's Forever Young Day in Queens, New York. "This one I been working on. It's already done. I've been doing a few things on the side. I just did the 'Bandana' record with Maino and a few other things. I've just been working. That's been put in the cut; I'm hoping to do a couple of videos. I've always wanted to do those [with each mixtape project], but I'll get a call like 6, 7 in the morning saying I gotta go to Africa. "But V5 on the way — it's gonna drop any day. Thirty songs. This one is the one, man," he added. "I been working so hard." Banks was pleased to be featured in the recent Hottest MCs fan poll and is looking to see if he'll make the official list. "I'm gonna show you why I was even brought up on the MTV list," Banks promised. "V5 is gonna speak for itself. Thirty records — it's going down." Also, the only feature on the new mixtape is Tony Yayo. "I kept it to me. They putting the pressure on me. They wanna see what I'mma do next, so I'm gonna knock them over the head and then gear up for my new album," Banks said. "After I heard his mixtape, I went back to the drawing board," Yayo offered. "The stuff I'm hearing from these dudes, we hungry. It's like we ain't got no money, no cars, no girls. I just keep doing me. Sometimes Banks give me the energy, 50 give me the energy. Young Buck is gone, Game is gone — they don't give me no energy. But the Unit, I believe Game said, 'Yo, we broke up the Beatles.' The Beatles is still here. This is the original format right here." Source: MTV
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This afternoon while in his Manhattan offices, employees say that 50 Cent was listening to Fat Joe's new album, "J.O.S.E. 2" when all the sudden, he collapsed! An ambulance was called, and by the time they arrived, 50 Cent regained consciousness and was complaining of blurred vision and a severe migraine. 50 Cent was rushed to Mt. Sinai hospital at 4:26 pm. Doctors say after performing a Cat Scan and EKG there seems to be some damage to his auditory cortex, which is the region of the brain that is responsible for processing sound.
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NY Daily News Reports WASHINGTON - The U.S. Secret Service is investigating an online survey that asked whether people thought President Barack Obama should be assassinated, officials said Monday. The poll, posted Saturday on Facebook, was taken off the popular social networking site quickly after company officials were alerted to its existence. But, like any threat against the president, Secret Service agents are taking no chances. "We are aware of it and we will take the appropriate investigative steps," said Darrin Blackford, a Secret Service spokesman. "We take of these things seriously." The poll asked respondents "Should Obama be killed?" The choices: No, Maybe, Yes, and Yes if he cuts my health care. The question was not created by Facebook, but by an independent person using an add-on application that has been suspended from the site. "The third-party application that enabled an individual user to create the offensive poll was brought to our attention this morning," said Barry Schnitt, Facebook's spokesman for policy. Because the application was disabled, the responses to the nonscientific polls are not available. "We're working with the U.S. Secret Service, but they'll need to provide any details of their investigation," Schnitt said.
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Video After The Jump If you thought you had seen the last of Freddy Krueger, think again. In what is being called a "re-imagining" of the original movie, Jackie Earle Hayley plays the burned and scarred serial killer Freddie. The film is due out in April 2010 and from the looks of this trailer will be really scary ! A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD
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MTV UK Reports Nas has exclusively told MTV News UK he is scared of making a new solo album because his private life is in the limelight. Earlier this year he had a very public split from wife Kelis fuelling gossip on blogs and in newspapers. Kelis gave birth to his Nas’s son Knight in July with reports claiming he wasn’t allowed in the hospital. Speaking at the Orange Rock Corps event in London Nas revealed: “This is a record that right now I’m scared of making y’know cos, I don’t know what’s gonna happen as far as I don’t know what I’m gonna say. “I feel like I’ve put so much of my personal life out there. I feel like I’m one of the guys you don’t really hear about him on paparazzi/fan magazines all the time. “But (now) I just feel like my life is so much out there that it’s kinda like, man, I don’t even know how to put it in words how I feel about putting this record together. I’m a little nervous to tell you the truth, that’s all I can say.” Asked directly if he was nervous about his personal life being publicised the rapper said: “Yeah a little bit of that and a little bit of I wanna do so well, I don’t wanna let people down and I definitely want to put out something that is true to me. “Maybe people think I’m tripping out, but it’s not the case, I really have to be in the right head space so hopefully I’ll get it done and it’ll come out soon.” The last Nas album was his Untitled disc- originally called N****r- which was released in 2008. He also has a joint record with Damian Marley- called Distant Relatives- due out later in 2009.
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