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It's probably not all that happy of a Memorial Day in rapper Luther Campbell aka Uncle Luke's crib today. As one of his daughter's has thrown him under the bus.

Lecresha Campbell, who appeared on her dad's show "Luke's Parental Advisory" says among other things that he doesn't acknowledge his own kids and that he physically abused and shot her mom in the leg.

"He even like shot her [mother] in the leg I think."

I would hope Lecresha isn't making all of this up, but she does plug her own show in the video and is obviously reading from pre-scripted notes

I would also think it would be pretty much impossible to shoot a woman in the leg and not have the police kicking down your door soon after.

I guess we'll have to wait for her tv show or next video to get the rest of the story.

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Soulja Boy - Death Note mixtape going down


Score: -1247 2,577 Mixtape Votes |54,937 Mixtape Views

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6:15 PM May 30, 2010 frestyle said:
dis shit suk,8 tracks BOOOOO!!! nver like dis boy fukin makin 100 milli cuz crank dat n dat it n after dat u suk...not a fan fuk SOD money gang dey suk 2
mount_draft said: 5:44 PM May 30, 2010
wat the fuk iz this shit
datduderokstr said:
and this is comming frm som! who aint really a fan but ill listen to c what he is tryna say n i respect some of what he say
5:43 PM May 30, 2010
datduderokstr said:
yo that song LISTEN is for all the haters n negative comment let me quote him " my fans say im the best rapper and some people disagree but 1 thing u cant deny i made 100 million dallors at 16 "
5:39 PM May 30, 2010 BLM29 said:
5:20 PM May 30, 2010 Slim_Gutta said:
4:56 PM May 30, 2010 drowe727 said:
this shit is sum grade A garbage......
4:33 PM May 30, 2010 bIGGaVaL716 said:
4:31 PM May 30, 2010 KID60 said:
wtf is this wtf
4:29 PM May 30, 2010 atlballa32 said:
People need to hop off dis nigga nutz cuz nt all his songs are lame

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Track List: Download Here

01. Intro: Most Interesting Man In The World (Skit) #1
02. The Most Interesting Man
03. Go Hard Pt.1 Feat. Kid Vishis
04. On Fire Feat. Crooked I
05. Skit
06. Real Hip Hop Feat. Black Milk & Elzhi
07. Acapella
08. It's Over (Freestyle)
09. Nobody Fucking With Us Feat. Bun B & Slaughterhouse
10. Airplanes (Freestyle)
11. Most Interesting Man In The World (Skit) #2
12. Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley (ShadyMegaMix)
13. I Hate Your Pants
14. Forever (Freestyle)
15. In The Club
16. Most Interesting Man In The World (Skit) #3
17. Go Hard Pt. 2 Feat. Kid Vishis
18. Vagina
19. Psyco Skit
20. Pyscho
21. Drama Feat. Trick Trick and Junes Flow
22. I'm Not Slaughterhouse (Interview)
23. 187 (Response)
24. Most Interesting Man In The World (Skit) #4
25. Taxi Driver
26. Iceman (Skit)
27. Lyrical Hitman (Richard Kuklinski) Feat. Marvwon
28. Most Interesting Man In The World (Skit) #5
29. Spark Yo Brain

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HQ Rips x4 + Intro to FLAC

00.+Fabolous+-+There+Is+No+Competition+2-(cover).jpg 00.+J.R.+Writer-Still+Standing-(cover).jpg
00.+Jadakiss+-+The+Champ+Is+Here+Pt.+3-(cover).jpg 00.+Cassidy+-+Apply+Pressure+2-(cover).jpg
Below you'll find two rips of each mixtape, one in MP3 (320 kbps) and the other in FLAC. If you're not familar with the FLAC format, check out this FAQ. iTunes and Windows Media Player doesn't allow you to play FLAC files, so you'll need to use an alternative,( Recommending ) Using one of these free programs: Winamp Lite, VLC Player or Foobar2000. And if you're looking to burn these to an audio CD to play in your car or stereo, try
CDBurnerXP (supports Vista & 7, not just XP).
[FLAC keeps the music in the exact same quality you'd find on the original CD, whereas with MP3 you lose alot of the quality. If you've got a decent system in your car, I think you'll grow to love the higher quality rips.]
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Don't expect a Lady Gaga and M.I.A collaboration anytime soon.

For the second time in the last several months, the British singer criticizes Gaga for her lack of originality.

In an interview with the New York Times, M.I.A she actually sounds like she despises the "Telephone" singer.

The comparisons to Madonna and the constant chatter that Lady Gaga has become a cultural icon don't sit well with M.I.A.

You can’t really say that Gaga is culturally a change,” she said. “Madonna was truly unique.

Romain Gavras, the director of M.I.A.'s controversial new video "Born Free" added. “And Madonna was pretty,” he said. “Pop stars should be pretty.”

On the subject of "Born Free", M.I.A compared it to Gaga's video for "Telephone".

With our video, we were really copying ‘Telephone,’ she says “Both our videos are road movies. We kill people, and they kill people. They start out in a prison, and we start out in a squat, hunting people down.”

“I can’t talk about Gaga anymore,” she said “All I’ll say is, it’s upsetting when babies say ga-ga now. It used to be innocent. Now, they’re calling her name.”

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Video After The Jump

We throw the world "celebrity" around too liberally these days. Take some person off the street, put them on a reality show and watch them fight and get drunk and that makes them a celeb?

I don't think so, but I guess the general public doesn't agree with me.

One of those new celebs, Natalie Nunn has gotten lots of face time recently because of her outrageous antics on the show 'The Bad Girls Club'. Also because she regularly bashes Rihanna while sticking up for her abuser Chris Brown.

VladTV asked her what she's been up to since 'Bad Girls' wrapped.

"I was on a party tour all over the United States. I was hosting parties, it's just been great. Ive been to every state. States I really didn't even know existed that had like a population, been there."

The rest of the interview sounded a lot like "blah blah blah blah". So I used that time to try to figure out exactly what the hell is that thing on her lip?

Help me out people.

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LAS VEGAS – Rashad Evans finished what he started.

Igniting the spark that led to a wild rivalry with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson 14 months ago, Evans had some thinking he bit off more than he could chew. But in a battle of former light heavyweight champions, Evans outworked Jackson with a perfect brew of power striking, clinchwork and takedowns to outpoint him on the way to a unanimous decision win at UFC 114.

Jackson came into the fight as a favorite both on betting lines and with the fans, who roared at every image of Jackson and went to a full howl upon his introduction. But Jackson couldn't really got his offense started until the third round, and by then Evans was in firm control. After withstanding a furious Jackson charge in the third, Evans reasserted his will and closed out the contest in command.

The final scores were 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.

"It's a huge relief," Evans said afterward. "Me and Quinton put on a good show."

"This fight is going to haunt me," added a disappointed Jackson

vans surprised onlookers from just after the opening bell, landing his first strike, a powerful overhand right that sent Jackson reeling sideways and against the cage. Time and again, Evans capitalized when Jackson was against the fence, clinching him and gambling that the work would pay off later due to his conditioning.

Despite going from 251 pounds to 205 pounds in eight weeks, Jackson never faded, but his timing was off on his strikes, and he later admitted it was likely due to being rusty after the 14-month layoff.

He did make one late charge in the third though, dropping Evans with an uppercut against the fence. Jackson tried desperately to finish his disoriented opponent, but Evans recovered and closed out the round strong with two takedowns and strong groundwork of his own.

"I'm very surprised he recovered from that," Jackson said afterward. "I put all my eggs in that basket and it didn't work. I guess ring rust is a factor."

Jackson also asked for a rematch, though the winner was promised a title shot, meaning Evans will go on to face Mauricio "Shogun" Rua later this year. In the post-fight press conference, Evans said he came out of the fight injury-free, meaning the UFC will likely go to work to put the match together in short order and he can move past this all-encompassing feud.

"I'm happy I don't have to answer questions about Rampage anymore," a beaming Evans said

In the co-main event, British middleweight Michael Bisping rebounded from his UFC 110 loss by outlasting the tough New Jersey fighter Dan Miller in a unanimous decision.

Though Miller came in with a wrestling pedigree, he only attempted two takedowns over the course of the 15-minute fight, landing one. The result was a kickboxing-heavy fight that favored Bisping's speed and accuracy.

Miller fought a very close first round until Bisping asserted himself from the early moments of the second. After landing a hard right, his varied attack had Miller off-balance and bloodied from the nose and near the eye.

"Dan Miller is a great guy with some great skills," Bisping said. "He'll go on to a fantastic MMA career. He's tough. I hit him with some big right hands and he was still right there."

Undefeated British welterweight prospect John Hathaway earned the biggest win of his young career, upsetting Diego Sanchez in a lopsided decision.

Hathaway took Sanchez's favorite weapon – the takedown – out of his arsenal, and the former No. 1 lightweight contender had a rough time in the standup against the reach advantage of Hathaway.

Hathaway set the tone of the fight early by knocking Sanchez down with a knee as Sanchez shot in for a takedown. He nearly finished it there but the durable Sanchez weathered the storm. Still, Hathaway's long jab and right hand found their targets repeatedly, bloodying his opponent's face.

Todd Duffee came into the event as one of the must-watch young heavyweights in MMA, and after two-and-a-half rounds of dominance, it seemed the praise was well-deserved. But on his way to seemingly certain victory, he was derailed by a stunning reversal of fortune.

Mike Russow authored one of the most stunning comeback knockouts in recent memory, rebounding from a two-round deficit with a pair of back-to-back right hands that knocked out the surging Duffee.

Duffee seemed to be in cruise control, gliding to a unanimous decision while avoiding Russow's wrestling and takedown game. Scoring with jabs and right hands from distance, Duffee easily captured both of the first two rounds, and was on his way to taking the third in the same fashion before fates quickly changed.

While one young prospect prospered, another floundered.

Russow stepped into an overhand right that landed on the chin. Duffee was already falling backwards as Russow caught him with a follow-up right. Duffee crashed to the mat unconscious for the sudden KO. Amazingly, Russow fought much of the bout with a broken arm after blocking a Nogueira kick, it was reported by the UFC in explaining Russow's absence from the post-fight press conference.

In the most controversial fight of the evening, top 10 light-heavyweight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira avoided a major upset, with the judges handing him a disputed split decision win.


Brilz seemed to control both of the first two rounds with his takedowns and groundwork while Nogueira captured the third in desperation mode. The vast majority of what appeared to be a pro-Nogueira crowd felt Brilz won the fight, but when the decision was read, Nogueira got the nod.

The fight was essentially decided by the pivotal first, which judges Tony Weeks and Marcos Rosales both scored for Nogueira.

The crowd drowned out Nogueira's post-fight comments booing the seeming injustice, though Brilz took it in stride.

"First off, don't boo this guy, he's one heckuva fighter," Brilz said. "Don't boo him. I left it to the decision of the judges. It is what it is, but I had a good performance, and that's what the whole plan was."

On the first fight of the Spike portion of the broadcast, Efrain Escudero defeated Dan Lauzon by unanimous decision, getting the judges' nod by identical scores of 29-27.

Escudero controlled the entire fight with clinchwork that featured a steady diet of knees to the body. He also outstruck Lauzon en route to the win. The odd score came as the result of a point that was deducted for a third-round low blow.

Dong Hyun-Kim followed that with an equally dominant performance, staying unbeaten with a systematic unanimous decision over Amir Sadollah.

Kim (13-0-1) took Sadollah down seemingly at will, and while he wasn't able to finish the fight, he rarely gave up position and scored with well-timed elbows and strikes from the top. Sadollah was never really able to get any offense going until the final moments of the 15-minute fight, when he landed his first power combo of the night.

Sadollah fell to 3-2 with the loss.

In the prelims, Ryan Jensen needed just 1:06 to finish Jesse Forbes via guillotine submission, Aaron Riley outworked Joe Brammer to earn a unanimous decision, Cyrille Diabate KO'd Luiz Cane to win his promotional debut, and Melvin Guillard made it four of his last five, scoring a first-round knockout of Waylon Lowe.

Source: MMAFighting

Post Fight Interview With UFC President Dana White
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Training Day director Antoine Fuqua has confirmed that his next movie will be a biopic about rapper Tupac.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Fuqua revealed that the project has just been greenlit by Morgan Creek chairman James G. Robinson and will go in front of cameras later this year.

"It looks like we're doing Tupac Shakur's movie next in September, that's what I've been starting up and working on now," he said. "I've been working on that for a while with Morgan Creek and Jim Robinson. I just got the greenlight from him and we're going in September. I've just started to prep that."

Fuqua added that he is hoping to find an unknown actor to portray the iconic hip-hop star, who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas.

"That's the goal, I want to discover someone new," he explained. "I want to discover a lot of new people if I can. Obviously I'm going to have to put some people in it that you know, just because actors have different skills. I want to go to the streets and find him anywhere he might be in the world."

Commenting about the rumors of a reunion with his Tears Of The Sun star Bruce Willis on prison break drama The Tomb, the filmmaker said: "That's a conversation I've been having with Bruce."

Fuqua's latest film, cop thriller Brooklyn's Finest, can be seen in UK cinemas from June 9.

Source: Digital Spy

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Video After The Jump

Dennis Hopper, the Easy Rider director best remembered for playing whacked-out characters during an acting career that spanned six decades, died after a long bout with prostate cancer. He was 74.

Hopper died Saturday morning, the office of his agent, Liz Dalling, told No immediate details were released.

Critics and fans often said no one did crazy roles better than Hopper. For a long time, those roles reflected how he was living.

The Dodge City, Kan., native was a bit of prodigy, appearing in feature films such as Rebel Without a Cause, Giant and Gunfight at the O.K. Corral by the time he was 21.

After making Rebel and Giant together, James Dean and Hopper became fast friends. When Dean was killed in his Porsche in September 1955, Hopper was devastated.

Much of the work he did in the '60s was generally undistinguished — until he directed 1969's low-budget Easy Rider, in which he co-starred with Peter Fonda and a still upcoming Jack Nicholson. It was a huge success — both at the box office and as a talisman for the turbulent times, leading to other anti-war, anti-establishment films. The movie was nominated for the top honor at the Cannes Film Festival, (where it won "best first work") and Hopper received an Academy Award nomination for original screenplay.

Hopper's next directing effort, however, 1971's The Last Movie, bombed.

See photos of Dennis Hopper through the years

Hopper then went on a colossal bender that he subsequently wasn't shy about discussing.

In 2001, the actor/filmmaker/artist talked about being sober for 18 years — and not only from booze. He did various hallucinogens and narcotics. "I only used to do cocaine so I could sober up and drink more. My last five years of drinking was a nightmare. I was drinking a half-gallon of rum with a fifth of rum on the side, in case I ran out, 28 beers a day, and three grams of cocaine just to keep me moving around. And I thought I was doing fine because I wasn't crawling around drunk on the floor."

In the wake of that, he was quoted as saying: "I should have been dead 10 times over. I've thought about that a lot. I believe in miracles. It's an absolute miracle that I'm still around."

Before he kicked his habits, Hopper offered a memorable performance as a nutty photographer in Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now.

The 1980s saw a comeback by a clean and sober Hopper — culminating with David Lynch's Blue Velvet, in which he played an off-the-deep-end criminal. In 1986, he played a sad alcoholic in Hoosiers, offering a performance that brought him an Oscar nomination for supporting actor.

Dennis Hopper starts experimental treatment for prostate cancer

In his limited TV work, Hopper received an Emmy nomination for the 1991 HBO film Paris Trout, an adaptation of a Pete Dexter novel. More recently, he played a drug-addled music producer in the Starz premium channel's spinoff of the Oscar-winning movie Crash.

Hopper also made a name for himself as a photographer and artist, and his works were exhibited around the world.

Dennis Hopper's wife wants full custody of daughter

Married five times, he recently filed for divorce from his wife of nearly 14 years, Victoria, with whom he had a 7-year-old daughter, Galen. He had three grown children from his previous marriages. One of those marriages, to Michelle Phillips, lasted eight days.

Source: Fox News

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Track List:

01. T.I. - Intro
02. T.I. - Yeah Ya Know
03. Lil Wayne ft. Drake - Miss Me
04. Yo Gotti - Look In The Mirror
05. Waka Flocka Flame ft. La Da Boomman - Gettin It In
06. Lil Wayne ft. Flo-Rida - Fresh I Stay
07. Travis Porter ft. Young Dro - Sumn I Won't Do
08. B.G. ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne - Get This Money
09. T.I. ft. Keri Hilson - Got Your Back
10. Young Jeezy ft. Drake - Unforgettable
11. Lil Boosie ft. Hatch Boy - Transform
12. Mack Maine ft. Rick Ross & Birdman - All In One Swipe
13. 8ball & MJG ft. T.I. & Young Dro - Bring It Back
14. Waka Flocka Flame - Danky
15. Waka Flocka flame ft. Slim Dunkin & D-Bo - Go Ham
16. Jay Jizzle ft. Young Buck - You Need To Stop
17. Lloyd Banks ft. Jadakiss, Ludacris, Yo Gotti & The Dream - Beamer, Benz or Bently (Remix)
18. Waka Flocka Flame ft. Jae Mills - Thug Luv
19. Gudda Gudda ft. Waka Flocka Flame - CEO
20. Plies - Bruh Bruh
21. Young Jeezy - D Boyz
22. Soufboi - Neva Eva
23. Wes Fif ft. Schife - All We Do Is Get It
24. Lil Wayne ft. Game & Birdman - Everything

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Mixtape will be dropping on June 1st!

Track List:

1. The Overdose (Prod. by Needlz)
2. Intro
3. On Da Korner (Prod. by Needlz)
4. Ima Ride (Prod. by Tha Bizness)
5. Get It How U Live Feat. Zay Cash (Prod. by Lil' Neal)
6. Ok Denn (Prod. by Grade A Muzik)
7. Hard In Da Trap
8. Ho Out
9. Action
10. Bust It Down
11. Doin' It Over Here (Prod. by Ced L. Young)
12. Pill Speaks
13. Westsiders Feat. Killer Mike (Prod. by Emile)
14. G Shit (Tribute to Eazy-E)
15. Surroundings (Tribute to Big Pun)
16. Better Show Me
17. Fuckin' Wit Sum Killas Feat. Big Bank Black (Prod. by Ced L. Young)
18. We Outside Feat. Alley Boy (Prod. by Grade A Muzik)
19. Pill Speaks
20. Shottas
21. Sober
22. No Time For Sleep Feat. Colin Munroe (Prod. by Colin Munroe)
23. My Team (Prod. by Ced L. Young)
24. Sloppy Stupid Feat. Scrilla (Prod. by Grade A Muzik)
25. Outro
26. Yeen Ready (Prod. by Grade A Muzik)

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01. Diddy Intro
02. MC Hammer
03. Ft. Styles P - Blowin' Money Fast (B.M.F.)
04. Money Maker
05. Ft. Yo Gotti - Gotti Family
06. Fire Hazard
07. Ft. Birdman & Trey Songz - All I Need
08. Ft. John Legend - Sweet Life
09. Ft. Ne-Yo - Super High
10. Feat. Kool G Rap - Knife Fight
11. Ft. Triple C's - White Sand, Part II
12. 300 Soldiers
13. Ft. Masspike Mikes - Nasty (Bonus)

Download Here

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Video After The Jump

Rap has grown to the point where age is not starting to matter as much as it used to. Rappers like Jay-Z and Raekwon have shown that as long as the product is good, fans will buy.

VladTV spoke with Havoc of Mobb Deep about the subject of rappers over 30 and he had an interesting take on it.

"Here's my problem, Jay-Z killed the game [and] he could do that. And if somebody was in that same position I feel they could do it," he said. "But if you already haven't gotten on and you past 30, try something else. Especially if you don't have any money because now you're wasting time."

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Video After The Jump

Ms Drama recently caught up with The-Dream. The interview gave the R&B star a platform to get a few things off his chest.

He explains his frustration with his records leaking to the internet early. Something that has become a huge problem for the music industry.

"I would hate to see any writer or journalist that is 1/3 away from completing their story and having that story leaked. I would hate to see Picasso start to paint and somebody release something that they have. I don't mind if my records end up on the internet, but I do mind if it's not finished and it's being judged before it's finished."

The-Dream's third and unfortunately last cd titled 'Love King' is coming out June 13. He's fed up with fans that don't appreciate his "great music".

"There's not another album, this is it. Nobody appreciates good music so I'm out, I'm good so take that. Like Jay [Z] said, maybe yall will remember me when I fade to black."

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