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New Orleans Rapper and YNT EMPIRE CEO Hot Boy Turk, Sits down with DJ Smallz and Reflects back on how he met his wife Emani The Made Woman,his infidelity in prison,when and how they got married after 8yrs 8 months 16 days in prison, if he would take his relationship to reality television and their recent mixtape #TheRealLoveAndHipHop They Recorded Together!!

the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.
"her infidelity continued after her marriage"
synonyms: unfaithfulness, adultery, cuckoldry, disloyalty, extramarital sex; deceit, falseness; affair, liaison, fling, amour; informalfooling/playing around, cheating, two-timing, hanky-panky; formalfornication
"even after reconciliation, she could not forgive his infidelity"

HotBoyTurk x EmaniDaMadeWoman-Get Money Stay Real ft Swazy Prod.By JoshDidThat Video Shot By TrackManForever 

The Real Love And Hip Hop uploaded by HotBoyTurk32 - Download | Audiomack

Now Playing Turk & Emani - The Real Love & Hip Hop Hosted by DJ Hektik via @DatPiff's iOS App

404-997-8232 or 305-600-5039 


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Trouble Is On A Roll

After creating one of the best projects of 2016, Trouble has spent most of the year promoting his superb standout Skoobzilla mixtape. Consistently releasing videos and performing his high energy live shows throughout the southeast, it seemed like Trouble was simply riding the wave of well-earned success. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

Trouble has been working with everyone from Shawty Fresh to Metro Boomin; C4 to Mike Will Made It and more. While Skoobzilla made many aware of Trouble, he's been an established street artist in the south for a few years. His 2015 project #ZayDidIt - which was Executive Produced by Zaytoven - sparked the current growth spurt for the Atlanta street artist and saw him developing a sound beyond the stark haunting music he'd created in his first mixtapes.

Now we have the latest work from Troub & Zay titled "Who You Kiddin". The uptempo bass-heavy bouncing track frames the portrait Trouble paints with the lyrics. Menacing & witty; celebratory & lesson giving - it all sounds like fun if you're not paying attention as Trouble snarls: "I went from a chain-gang cell to a f***** jet/Went from talking bout it to bringing my Mom a check. I went from showing love and a n**** being unappreciated/To saying f*** a n**** he got a hoe heart and you'll never make it. P****!"

The streets of the Atlanta underworld are ruthless and dirty and grimy. Trouble is a diamond shining among the refuse.

Look for the full project #BIGGTROUBLE to drop before the year's out. Right now enjoy the latest from one of the most authentic voices in rap today.

Click here to stream Who You Kiddin

Want more of Trouble?

Official Website:
Merch Site:

Apple Music:

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Video After The Jump

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — A Charlotte police officer who shot and killed a black man at an apartment complex, touching off several nights of unrest in the city, will not face charges, a North Carolina prosecutor announced Wednesday.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray said Officer Brentley Vinson's actions in killing Keith Lamont Scott were justified.

Charlotte Police Fatal Shooting

Scott's family has said he was not armed.

However, at a lengthy news conference Murray displayed a nearby store's surveillance video showing the outline of what appeared to be a holstered gun on Scott's ankle, and he gave extensive details about other evidence that Scott was armed.

Plainclothes officers had gone to the complex about 4 p.m. on Sept. 20 looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they saw Scott — not the suspect they were looking for — inside a car with a gun and marijuana, department spokesman Keith Trietley has said in a statement.


Keith Lamont Scott, right, with his wife and son.

Officers saw Scott get out of the car with a gun and then get back in, police said. When officers approached, they said, Scott exited the car with the gun again. At that point, officers deemed Scott a threat and Vinson fired his weapon.

Scott, 43, was pronounced dead at Carolinas Medical Center. An autopsy report from Mecklenburg County authorities says Scott died of gunshot wounds to the back and abdomen.

Vinson, who is also black, had been with the department for two years at the time of the shooting. He has been on administrative leave which is standard in police shootings.


Officer Brentley Vinson

Scott's family has said he did not have a gun, but detectives recovered a firearm at the scene, police said.

At a Wednesday news conference, Murray played a nearby store's surveillance video that appeared to show the outline of a gun in a holster on Scott's right ankle.


Body camera and dashcam recordings released earlier by the police department did not conclusively show that and city officials were criticized for the length of time it took to release police video of the shooting.

Scott's final moments also were recorded by his wife, Rakeyia, in a video shared widely on social media. She can be heard shouting to police that her husband "doesn't have a gun." She pleads with the officers not to shoot before a burst of gunfire can be heard.

The shooting led to two nights of violent protests, including a fatal shooting in downtown Charlotte the next night. The unrest gave way to several more days of largely peaceful demonstrations, and the city instituted a curfew for multiple nights.

In October, police in North Carolina's largest city invited the Police Foundation, an independent, nonpartisan organization based in Washington, D.C., to review its policies and procedures following the shooting.

The foundation has done similar reviews elsewhere, assessing police in St. Louis County, Missouri, after the unrest in Ferguson, and analyzing the response to the terror attack in San Bernardino, California.

The case was among a series across the country since mid-2014 that has spurred a national debate over race and policing.

A trial is underway in Charleston, South Carolina, for a since-fired white patrolman, Michael Slager, facing 30 years to life if convicted of murder in the death last year of a black man, Walter Scott, shot while running from a traffic stop in April.

A Minnesota police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile during a July traffic stop remains free as a manslaughter case against him proceeds.

Deaths of other unarmed black males at the hands of law enforcement officers have inspired protests under the "Black Lives Matter" moniker.

The Black Lives Matter movement traces its roots to the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012, and gained national ground after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

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Houston rapper Kirko Bangz has shown a lot of promise over the last several years, but he's yet to release a full album. Here's a new song that will hopefully be the lead in to that debut. For this one Kirko he recruits Z-Ro for a song titled "Money On the Dresser."


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Video After The Jump

JoJo releases an official music video for "FAB," the latest single off of her "MAD LOVE" album. The song features Remy Ma.

"MAD LOVE" Available now

Download : 

Directed by Wes Teshome

Follow JoJo:


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Who would've thought that alot of old school tactics would still be super relevant in this day
and age of hip hop.Rasta B exemplifies that by giving birth to an old sound in a new generation
in the new video "ATLiens" freestyle.

Giving the roots to true Atlanta hip hop, the ATL emcee makes sure from jump not to deliver nothing
weak to where dumbing lyrics down would be an issue.Keeping it just as Outkast, Rasta serves it up
with punchlines and metaphors across the board showing lyrics do matter.This is the rebirth of hip hop
coming from ATL from this rising emcee.

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Desiigner Cleared In NYC Drug & Gun Case


The New York City District Attorney's drug case against Desiigner has been sealed and the charge dropped, according to TMZ.

As we previously reported, the "Timmy Turner" rapper, born Sidney Selby III was arrested in NYC on September 8, along with four friends, after another driver called police claiming Desiigner pointed a gun at him out of the window of the SUV he was in.


When police caught up with the SUV it was searched. A number of pills were found, but no gun. Cops initially thought the pills were OxyContin.

All 5 people in the vehicle were taken into custody and charged with two felonies; criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell.

Desiigner was also charged with menacing for allegedly pointing the gun and felony criminal possession of a loaded weapon.

The gun charge was soon dropped. 

The drugs were tested and turned out to be steroids, most likely prescribed to the driver of the SUV.

On Tuesday, September 29, the D.A. decided to not to move forward with the drug case against Desiigner. His record is now cleared.

His attorneys , Ian Niles and Stacey Richman, told TMZ: "We're happy he's been exonerated and happy with the investigation from the D.A."


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Video And Pics After The Jump

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and T.I.'s wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, might just be friends. Maybe there's a plausible explanation for why the former Xscape singer was seen dancing with Money May at a recent Mariah Carey party, three years after her husband had a physical altercation with the retired boxing legend.

However, there is definitely something amiss.

What we're not going to do is try to interject our opinion into the situation. We'll just report the facts based on Instagram posts, videos, news stories and comments from those involved.


Mayweather and Tip were friends prior to 2014.

That changed when the two famously brawled at a Fatburger joint in Las Vegas on May 24, 2014. T.I., born Clifford Harris Jr. confronted Floyd because he wasn't happy about photos that surfaced of his wife and the boxer. And another one in which Tiny referred to Money May's daughter as her "new boo."


Tiny and Tip, who have a total of seven kids ... three together and four from previous relationships, would eventually patch things up.

Fast forward to October of this year. Floyd gave an interview in which he said "all lives matter," not just black ones.

T.I. blasted him for it in an Instagram post. Saying the Mayweather Promotions CEO was "socially irresponsible,inconsiderate & insensitive." And that the interview "mirrors delusional oblivion in a way only brainwashing tactics can achieve. This completely undermines & discredits the movements that fight for the plights of our people."


On Halloween Tiny attended Mariah Carey party solo. The reality television star took a photo with the hostess, Floyd and several other guests.


The pic generated instant controversy, forcing Tiny to issue a statement, in which she claimed to have been in it because Carey requested it.


On Monday, November 28, Tip posted an IG video that showed his friend Kevin Hart and several others low-key dissing Floyd and his dad, Floyd Sr., by cracking jokes on them.

Later that day a video surfaced showing Tiny and Floyd dancing together at Mariah's party, contradicting the singer's initial statement of only having taken a photo with him at the event.

Floyd responded to the jokes by posting a photo of one of his $100 million boxing checks with a caption that read in part: "At the end of the day, it's them Benjamin Franklins that matter to me, so the jokes on you. I've made smart investments, sorry for those who thought that I couldn't read, write, or count. Y'all call them watches, I call them time pieces. Y'all call them boats, I call them yachts. Y'all call them houses, I call them mansions. Y'all charter jets and we own jets."


At this point things seem to be spiraling out of control. Tiny (Majorgirl on IG) is throwing shade at her husband by co-signing/liking posts dissing him.



T.I. fired back with his own message to the youth. The Grand Hustle Records CEO advised them to focus on their future and not past mistakes.

He ended the post with this:

"Be Strong & Stay Solid!!!! The FAIL is never as important as the FIX!!!! And Don't let none of these ratchet-ass low life,miserable morons tell you different. End of msg. #LifesTooShort #DontTripBeHappy," he wrote.


Well, cot damn!!

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Video After The Jump

Philly Freeway and Young Chris have been ripping mics since their Roc-A-Fella Records days. Fortunately, for us fans the two continue to display their immense talents. Check out the State Property duo's music video for their collaboration titled "So Cold."


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Video And Pics After the Jump

(Reuters) A chartered plane carrying top-tier Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense to the biggest game in its history crashed in the Colombian mountains, killing 75 people on board, authorities said on Tuesday.


Dozens of bodies were laid out and covered with sheets around the wreckage of the BAe 146 aircraft, which was lying in mud near La Union, a small town outside Medellin.


The plane went down about 10:15 p.m. on Monday night with 72 passengers and a crew of nine. It was unclear what caused the crash, although local media said the plane had reported an electrical fault shortly before it disappeared off radar screens.

A Reuters photographer said the plane split in two, destroying the tail end. Rain hampered the dozens of rescuers as they combed the muddy and forested area.

Chapecoense, from Brazil's top league, had been flying to face Atletico Nacional of Medellin on Wednesday in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final, South America's equivalent of the Europa League. On Tuesday, Atletico Nacional offered the championship to Chapecoense.

It was the first time the small club from the southern city of Chapeco had reached the final of a major South American club competition.

Colombia's civil aviation head, Alfredo Bocanegra, said by Tuesday morning, there were 75 confirmed fatalities, with six injured survivors. He said the death toll could rise.


Tributes poured in from the global soccer family and Brazil declared three days of mourning.

"I express my solidarity in this sad hour during which tragedy has beset dozens of Brazilian families," President Michel Temer said.


"The government will do all it can to alleviate the pain of the friends and family of sport and national journalism."

Brazilian news organizations said 21 journalists had been on board to cover the match.

Colombia's disaster management agency listed players Alan Ruschel, Danilo Padilha and Jakson Follmann as survivors.

Flight tracking service Flightradar24 said on Twitter the last tracking signal from flight 2933 had been received when it was at 15,500 feet (4,724 m), about 30 km (18.64 miles) from its destination, which sits at an altitude of 7,000 feet (2133 m).

The BAe 146 was produced by a company that is now part of the UK's BAE Systems.


The crash evoked memories of other soccer air disasters, including the Munich crash in 1958 that killed 23 people, including eight Manchester United players, journalists and traveling officials.

World governing body FIFA said on Twitter its "thoughts were with the victims, their families, fans of Chapecoense and media organizations in Brazil on this tragic day."


Chapecoense qualified for the biggest game in its history after overcoming the Argentine club San Lorenzo in the semi-final on away goals following a 1-1 draw in Buenos Aires and 0-0 draw at home.

They were underdogs for the match against a club going for a rare double after winning the Copa Libertadores in July.

Chapecoense was the 21st biggest club in Brazil in terms of revenue, bringing in 46 million reais ($13.5 million) in 2015, according to a list by Brazilian bank Itau BBA.

The club has built its success on a frugal spending policy that eschewed big money signings and concentrated on blending young talent and experienced journeymen.

"They were the hope of our city," said Jean Panegalli, 17, a student in Chapeco. "They played for love of the shirt and not for money. They played with the commitment that only those who have lived here know.

"They were ferocious."


Chapecoense's best-known player was Cleber Santana, a midfielder whose best years were spent in Spain with Atletico Madrid and Mallorca. Coach Caio Junior also was experienced, having managed at some of Brazil's biggest clubs, Botafogo, Flamengo and Palmeiras among them.

The crash prompted an outpouring of solidarity and grief on social media from the footballing community, with Brazilian top flight teams Flamengo and Santos tweeting messages of support.


Porto goalkeeper Iker Casillas tweeted: "My condolences for the plane accident that carried @ChapecoenseReal. Tough moment for football. Good luck and stay strong!"

The South American football federation suspended all games and other activities following the crash.


(Writing by Julia Symmes Cobb; Additional reporting by Helen Murphy, Julia Symmes Cobb and Luis Jaime Acosta in Bogota, Andrew Downie, Anthony Boadle and Dan Flynn in Brazil and Tim Hepher in Geneva; Editing by Andrew Cawthorne and Bill Trott)

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Abdul Razak Ali Artan (above) has been identified as the man who attacked students at Ohio Satate University

Video After The Jump

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Investigators are looking into whether a car-and-knife attack at Ohio State University that injured 11 people was an act of terror by a Somali-born student who had once criticized the media for its portrayal of Muslims.

The attacker, identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, plowed his car into a group of pedestrians on campus shortly before 10 a.m. Monday, and then got out and began stabbing people with a butcher knife before he was shot to death by a campus police officer, authorities said.


A motive was not immediately known, but police said they were investigating whether it was a terrorist attack.

Artan was born in Somalia and was a legal permanent U.S. resident, according to a U.S. official who was not authorized to discuss the case and spoke on the condition of anonymity. The FBI joined the investigation.

Ohio State University police Chief Craig Stone said Artan deliberately drove his small gray Honda over a curb outside an engineering classroom building and then began knifing people. Officer Alan Horujko, 28, who was nearby because of a gas leak arrived on the scene and shot the driver in less than a minute, Stone said.

Angshuman Kapil, a graduate student, was outside Watts Hall when the car barreled onto the sidewalk.

"It just hit everybody who was in front," he said. "After that everybody was shouting, 'Run! Run! Run!'"

Eleven victims were taken to three Columbus hospitals. Most had been hurt by the car, and two had been stabbed, officials said. One had a fractured skull.

Several prayer vigils were held Monday night to support the victims and the community.

Classes at OSU were canceled after the attack, but were scheduled to resume Tuesday.


Students said they were nervous about returning and planned to take precautions such as not walking alone.

"It's kind of nerve-wracking going back to class right after it," said Kaitlin Conner, 18, of Cleveland, who said she had a midterm exam to take Tuesday.

Rep. Adam Schiff, of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said the act bore the hallmarks of an attack carried out by someone who may have been self-radicalized.

Ohio State's student newspaper, The Lantern, ran an interview in August with a student named Abdul Razak Artan, who identified himself as a Muslim and a third-year logistics management student who had just transferred from Columbus State in the fall.

He said he was looking for a place to pray openly and worried about how he would be received.

"I was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. I'm a Muslim, it's not what media portrays me to be," he told the newspaper. "If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don't know what they're going to think, what's going to happen. But I don't blame them. It's the media that put that picture in their heads."

In recent months, federal law enforcement officials have raised concerns about online extremist propaganda that encourages knife and car attacks, which are easier to pull off than bombings.

The Islamic State group has urged sympathizers online to carry out lone-wolf attacks in their home countries with whatever weapons are available to them.

Artan was not known to the FBI prior to Monday's attack, according to a law enforcement official who was not authorized to discuss an ongoing investigation and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Dozens of FBI agents began searching Artan's apartment Monday night.

Neighbors said he was always polite and attended daily prayer services at a mosque on the city's west side.

Leaders of Muslim organizations and mosques in the Columbus area condemned the attacks while cautioning people against jumping to conclusions or blaming a religion or an ethnicity.

Surveillance photos showed Artan in the car by himself just before the attack, but investigators are looking into whether anyone else was involved, the campus police chief said.


Associated Press writers Alicia A. Caldwell and Eric Tucker in Washington, Collin Binkley in Boston and Mark Gillispie in Cleveland contributed to this story.

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Video After The Jump

While he may be one of hip-hop's most famous DJs, DJ Whoo Kid is also one of the best storytellers in music. From being kidnapped by Big Pun to potentially being the reason for Kanye West getting into the car accident that later inspired 'Through the Wire', the G-Unit DJ should add 'the Charles Dickens of rap' to his list of aliases.

Speaking exclusively to Gigwise after coming from a dinner with Giggs in central London, one DJ Whoo Kid story in particular that caught our attention was the time he and Jackass star Steve-O went to Prince's house for a party, which could have ended with them both being arrested according to the G-Unit DJ. With Steve-O choosing to take his girlfriend, something Whoo Kid thought was a bad idea from the get go - "I don't know why he took his girl to Prince's house" - apparently things went downhill the moment Prince arrived. 

As the fable goes, any woman - or man according to Jamie Foxx - that ever made eye contact with Prince became instantly hypnotised by his aura. Steve-O's girlfriend fell under said spell the moment Prince spoke to her and she eventually was invited to a private room minus Whoo Kid and her boyfriend. Upset by this - while Whoo Kid was laughing to himself - Steve-O found one of Prince's many pianos and started beating the hell out of it out of sheer frustration and jealousy. Thinking they might get arrested, needless to say this was the last time Whoo Kid ever saw Prince before his passing.


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Video After The Jump

Lil Wayne was a recent guest on The Nine Club with Chris Roberts. Near the end of the hour-long interview the Young Money Records CEO, made a surprise announcement about a new musical project.

"Make sure they know that The Funeral coming soon," Wayne said. "I don't have a release date, but I have a whole bunch of good news coming soon."

Wayne was reportedly close to settling his $51 million breach-of-contract lawsuit with Cash Money Records until he big upped Roc-A-Fella Records during a recent concert.

The shout out offended Birdman, who cut off negotiations. It's unclear if talks are moving forward again or if Wayne is working on a different avenue to get his music out.


"If you are a Wayne fan ... I know we've been going through a lot of tough times right now. But if you are a Wayne fan we're about to hold our heads high real soon," he assured.

Skip to the 56 minute mark in the video below to hear Wayne talk about "The Funeral."

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Kanye West is now entering his second week of treatment at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. As of now there is no firm timetable for him to come home.

The "Good Life" hit maker was admitted Monday, November 21, following a psychiatric breakdown.

TMZ reports that the plan was for West to be released into the care of his personal physician on Monday, November 28. However, he is still battling extreme paranoia. He's expressed a fear that people are trying to ruin his marriage to Kim Kardashian.


For a period of time the G.O.O.D. Music CEO would not allow doctors at the treatment facility to touch him.

According to Us Weekly, things began to seriously spiral out of control for West following his wife's gunpoint robbery on October 3, inside her private residence at Hôtel de Pourtalès in Paris, France.

"He's been shaken up ever since the robbery in Paris. It did a number on him as much as Kim," an insider told Us Weekly. "The mere thought that anything could happen to her sent him in a tailspin. He wasn't sleeping and he was having nightmares about it."

Kim has been by her husband's side throughout his hospital stay.

"She has been an unbelievably devoted spouse. He's a lucky man," a source told TMZ.

The couple have been married since May 24, 2014. They have two children, 3-year old daughter North West and 11-month old son Saint West.

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