Hungry MC's Street Magazine!!!!!!!!!!!

Hungry MC’s is a BROTHERHOOD NOT a MOVEMENT!! A movement is for the moment, a BROTHERHOOD is for LIFE!!!! join TALK FAM)We trying to get paid like these major ngga's, how many unsigned artists getting money by reading shit about these major ngga's getting locked up, or these clowns beefing with each other, NOBODY!!!! We need to focus on how we can get money, the major labels WILL NOT LET US IN THE FRONT DOOR, SO WE MAKE OUR OWN DOOR.JOIN HUNGRY MC's STREET MAGAZINE, www.hungrymcsstreetmag.comWhats so F&%k up is, we support these artists with everything they do, buy there close, shoe, cd, buy tickets when they perform, we spend ova $5000 a yrs on this shit, but when a artist go to the studio an work his ass off an send his music out to the A&R's they trash yo shit, like f&%K you. it cost 44 cent to mail a envelope, to tell artists "I got yo music, you need to work a little harder".... I give you $5000 or more a year an you cant spend 44 cent on me, FUCK THEM MAJOR LABELS AN THE ARTISTS
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