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Chris Rain - "Sacrifice"


CHRIS RAIN, also known as Christian Sassaro, a 22 year old Italian-British artist born and raised in the rural mountains of Northeast Italy, his musical journey began at 15 years old on SoundCloud. Heavily influenced while growing up by notorious emo

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Tony Sayerz - "Fairwell/Goodbye"


Tony Sayerz is a diverse artist from East Texas whose style is unique and expressive to his individuality. Tony has been in the music scene for quite awhile and has rebranded himself a few times along the way. With sheer focus and drive and belief; h

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Marz Starlife - "AMG"


Raised in the gritty streets of the UK but nurtured by the vibrant rhythms of Jamaica – Marz. From the cobbled alleys of Birmingham to the sun-soaked shores of Montego Bay, Marz embodies the fusion of two worlds.

Growing up on a rich diet of reggae, d

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