Quinshawn Goodson better known as TmaQuin, is a 19 Year old rap artist born in Louisiana and raised in East Dallas, Texas.

TmaQuin features Jay Bunkin on his latest single “Promises” which has the streets on lock! Press play below to find out for yourself!!

TmaQuin is the eldest out of his siblings, most of the time he was the dependent male in the house, but instead of choosing the streets he chose music.

TmaQuin built a fan-base by posting videos of himself free-styling over various beats. Over time these videos reached more than 20,000 people which helped increase his fan-base. TmaQuin also caught the attention of some big names in the industry far as Bezz Believe, and the trill savage himself Lil Webbie even liked one of his Facebook posts.

As TmaQuin got older he released a new line of music. Some songs were “I Ball”, “All the Way Live”, “Sh*t I Like" featuring ToneTheGoat, along with his mixtape “BlockBaby”. Today we are showcasing his latest single “Promises”. The fans are saying “Promises” is the best love song of 2018. Throughout the fame TmaQuin still chooses to remain the same.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/jsjgLPyEiAU ;

Music Link: http://spnr.la/ZJkkS3kT

Facebook: Quin Goodson
Instagram: @Officialquinig 
Twitter: @1QuinG

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