So back then I use to have a no DJ version of "Hollow Thru Him" and "I'm Leaving." Looks like that's a rarity now. Back then I got them from Limewire though. Unfortunately, Limewire is off the face of the Earth now due to copyright issues. I also would like a no DJ version of "Rider 4 Real." I never had that one yet, but I assume it's somewhere. So I was wondering if maybe people had no DJ versions of those 3 songs and if they have both mixtapes "The Elephant In The Sand" and "Return of the Body Snatchers" with no DJ, that's even better. Other songs I'd like without a DJ would be 50 Cent's "Don't Front" track. Maybe even the remixed version with Prodigy. For the record, there are remixed versions of these tracks for the soundtrack of the game called "Blood On The Sand", but I don't really like those tracks as much without the original instrumentals. I'm probably already asking for too much. Especially since this is my first forum post. But I was also wondering if maybe you guys had no DJ versions of Game's tracks from "Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin", "You Know What It Is Vol. 3", "You Know What It Is Vol. 4" and "Ghost Unit." Which is ironic since I'm asking for G-Unit & 50 tracks. But I'm a fan of all of them and I find the diss tracks to be rather enjoyable even though I'm a huge 50 Cent fan. Hope you guys can help me out. Thank you! P.S. DJ's annoy the hell out of me!




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