Odelet Drops New Album "Pisces Pie"


May 11, 2024 marks the official release of “Pisces Pie”, the newest album from Detroit born artist Odelet, who currently resides in California. Pre-release singles for this project began dropping in April, as well as an EP titled “Odelet’s Hufflepuff” April 20th.


Odelet is a savant singer and composer who began performing her music while attending Portland State University for Visual Art. Shortly later she recorded her first record, a 19-song avant-garde exercise in minimalism titled “Experiment” that featured her playing all the instrumentation and performing her own intricate harmony arrangements. In 2022 she co-founded a production company called “Everlasting Tape” in order to produce her first full band production, “The Angels Album”. This record introduced Odelet to the world of Soul Music and R&B, genres that had been close to her heart since her childhood in Detroit. She accompanied this release with an experimental form of music visual, which to date has been selected for screening in more than 50 film festivals internationally and won numerous awards.


Following the successful unveiling of “The Angels Album”, this spring marks the release of the second project from Odelet and “Everlasting Tape”. According to Odelet, “Pisces Pie” is an 11-song ode to classic Hip-Hop production, and to siren singers. "When it comes to my vocals, I just hear what I hear... something about it can feel like jazz... but in terms of production, this album was definitely inspired by my love of old school Hip-Hop." 










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