“I dream that one day you’ll find yourself in love again.”
- Nick Green

Orlando Florida native, Nick Green’s music is marked by passion and thoughtfulness
rarely found in today’s music. His new single, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” is no different,
providing unique songwriting and vocals set to a backdrop of smooth production.
Written by Nick Green in Los Angeles, CA the new release sets the Summer off right
with authentic singing, complemented by Nick’s natural knack for crafting soulful
melodies. Touching on life and love, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” shines in Nick Green’s gift of
creating rich experiences through his music, beautifully matching songwriting with soft,
soothing vocals. Simply put, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” is that one song of the summer
music aficionados are sure to enjoy.

Growing up immersed in the world of music, Nick Green is well on his way to the top
of the music industry with raw talent and professionalism unparalleled. By making
passionate music with an unwavering commitment to excellence Nick Green has been
able to carve out a lane of his own, all while keeping it authentically true to self. Get
familiar with Orlando’s Nick Green through “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and catch the wave
before it’s too late.

About Nick Green

A native of Orlando Florida, Nicholas Green began playing the trombone in middle
school at the age of 13; oblivious to the journey he then was about to embark into
Jones High School Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra were he started marching in the
band of 1994. Years after getting a diploma Nicholas began to start in talent shows
around the community singing, that’s when he knew his calling to become a
vocals/writer was an ultimate goal for him. Shortly later he started writing songs and
lyrics 2009 he moved to the West Coast “ Los Angeles” California and started college
began his degree in music at Los Angeles Community College The Herb Alpert music
department, practicing music theory. Additionally, Nicholas Green was a member in
the school’s choir.

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