Is North Carolina the future of hiphop?

With the accessibility of connections becoming a few instagram clicks away, we’ve been able to witness a change in how an artist is broken into the music industry. Ever since music discovery became as easy as accessing the internet, we’ve seen hundreds of artists emerge from remote locations all over the United states. This seemed to be unusual at first but is becoming more accepted as new artists find their niche audience every day. But 1 region in particular seems to stand out amongst the rest, that being North Carolina. I’m not keeping the score, but if I was I’m more than sure North Carolina would have been winning by a land slide. With so many starving artists in one location, just this past summer (let alone 2019 as a whole) the North Carolina scene produced some of the hottest releases both mainstream and underground. Let’s review


Bali Baby & i.Skyy – Hood Bratz (June 17, 2019)


Dreamville – Revenge of the dreamers 3 (July 5, 2019)


YBN Cordae – The Lost Boy (July 26, 2019)


Jody Lo – Rap Trapper 2 (August 9, 2019)


9th Wonder & Murs – The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over (August 9, 2019)


Rapsody – Eve (August 23, 2019)


Other Notable Releases


DaBaby – Baby on Baby (March 1, 2019)


Stunna 4 Vegas – Big 4x (May 10, 2019)


Flyboi Quan – Savage (August 14, 2019)


Without continuing this list(which I could), its easy to see North Carolina as a whole is contributing a lot to modern hiphop. Let’s appreciate their contribution while its still their time.

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